Labor Day (University Closed)

School Canceled Due to Student Exhaustion

It was announced this morning that all classes will be canceled for the rest of the semester due to the consistent exhaustion that students have been experiencing.

Students have shown such an extreme decrease in interest for completing their assignments and attending their classes to the point that students have begun lounging on the sidewalks in despair for hours at a time.

The prevalence in severe mental health problems among students has been shown to be dramatically increasing to the point where the school administration had no other choice but to cancel school for the remaining six weeks of the semester.

Freshman biology major Ali Anderson comments on the situation, “Honestly I think students have just reached their limit in their ability to attend classes, complete assignments, keep up with their jobs, attempt to have a social life, and also maintain regular sustainable sleeping habits. I think that the school administration made the right choice in canceling the remaining six weeks of classes because otherwise we would not have been able to survive.”

Students who are planning on graduating in the spring were told to not worry about completing the rest of their required courses because they will be rewarded for their achievement regardless of their incomplete status.

The school administration showed historic compassion for the issues that students are dealing with. In their official statement they addressed how the pervasiveness of depression and anxiety among students is incredibly damaging to their ability to function as students. The administration expressed concern and understanding for the struggles students have been experiencing and encouraged them to use this time off to seek professional mental help.

Almost instantly, students have been showing genuine excitement for the first time in awhile for the possibilities for their futures now that they are free from the stress of attending university. Additionally, relaxation and happiness has visibly increased on campus. Yoga will be offered every morning at Old James Stadium for free for all students for the remaining six weeks with the intention of helping to fight depression and anxiety.

We at The Mustang congratulate the school administration on their excellent decision making skills in canceling the rest of the semester for the sake of protecting student mental health. This is an important issue and recognizing the problem is the first step to recovery. We wish all students a relaxing time off and with this sudden new respect and validation for student mental health issues, we are hopeful for the young minds of our future.

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