The Center Presents: The Dragalicious Lip-Sync Battle

Silver City, NM – As part of The Center of Gender Equity’s Glam Week, a Dragalicious Lip-Sync Battle and Show was put on at Light Hall on Wednesday night. Students and staff members performed for a packed house while dressed in full drag, with special performances by Augusta Wind, Summer Osborne, Mona Little, and Raul St. James. Each performance was judged by a panel consisting of Ian Harvie, Mimi Clark, Lawrence Garcia, Faye McCalmont, and Vanessa Stroman.

The night was kicked off with a performance by Silver City’s own drag queen, Augusta Wind, who MC’d the show alongside Summer Osborne after singing “I Am What I Am”.

The first act was Queen’s “Under Pressure” performed by Dr. Allison Evans, Dr. Lydia Huerta, and Dr. Margarita Wulftange as the band, and Dr. Emma Bailey as Freddie Mercury.


Then came Miguel Gutierrez, María Montañez, and Grecia Rivas performing “Back It Up” with Miguel as Jennifer Lopez, María as Prince Royce, and Grecia as Pitbull.


        They were followed by Jessica Dominguez as Bruno Mars with “Uptown Funk”. She was accompanied on stage with Nelson Williams as a backup dancer.


        The first solo performance of the evening was by Jazmin Hernandez with her spot on impersonation of Justin Bieber as she performed “Baby”.


        The final student performance of the night was also a solo act by Anthony Arana who performed “My Address is Hollywood” by professional drag queen Adore Delano.


        Raul St. James out of Tucson, AZ and Augusta Wind wrapped up the night with performances while the judges tallied their scores.

The small lavishly decorated trophy for the night went to Jazmin Hernandez for her impersonation of Justin Bieber.


        The Center hopes to make the Dragalicious Lip-Sync Battle and Show an annual occurrence, and with Light Hall completely packed, including all of the standing room taken up, it seems to be a sure thing. All students and staff are encouraged to participate in future shows so that the Center of Gender Equity can see this grow into a major campus event.



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