Student Spotlight: Linzy and Lacy Granger

Linzy and Lacy

Silver City, NM- Linzy and Lacy Granger were originally going to be just another student spotlight interview. As the pair sat expectantly by the deli, waiting to be interviewed, one could see that despite being identical twins, they weren’t exactly two of a kind. Linzy sat at the edge of her seat, waiting expectantly and

Student Spotlight: Sarita Reyes

Sarita Reyes

Silver City, NM- Sarita Reyes is almost through with her WNMU adventure, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice next May, but she’s left quite a trail of accomplishments behind her. The sister of WNMU alumni Alfredo Reyes and former ASWNMU President Edna Reyes, Sarita began her schooling in fall of 2012, determined to

Student Spotlight: Shelby Turner


Silver City, NM- When Shelby Turner was first encouraged to try out golf back in the 8th grade, she probably had no idea that it would someday get her into college. Well one of the things; she also has a number of scholarships that helped out too. Shelby graduated from high school last summer as

Student Spotlight: Kaity Ellis and Ranger


Silver City, NM – Since starting at Western New Mexico University in the fall of 2013, Kaity Ellis has made quite the impression on her fellow students as well as on the school itself with her position in Student Senate and her involvement in making the campus friendlier towards its handi-capable students. Kaity was diagnosed

Student Spotlight: Michaela and Miyana


Silver City, NM- This past Saturday, WNMU students Michaela Yoshida and Miyana Wagner both strolled around campus, enjoying the Homecoming Parade. Michaela and Miyana both hail from Hawaii and despite not knowing one another until they coincidentally became dorm mates, shared a few similarities, but also several differences. Michaela and Miyana are both freshman, though