Inspiring Student Spotlight: Masters Graduate Amaris Ramirez-Fey


Amaris is graduating with her Masters in Social Work this fall 2018. Following graduation, she will be remaining in the local Silver City area to begin working in a counseling center for trauma and recovery. The Social Work Department will be having a pinning ceremony the night before graduation to celebrate the graduates in their

Student Voting Participation in 2018 Midterm Elections


Election participation is considered to have significant value because it allows for people to have a voice in who gets elected into important government positions. There are many reasons as to why some students will be voting in the midterm elections and why some students are choosing not to vote. The choice can often be

Learn About The Upcoming Elections- With Jill Smith


Hello Students, Faculty and Staff, My name is Jill Smith and I am your Governmental Affairs Director. Part of my duties as your representative in the Associated Students of Western New Mexico University is to bring awareness to students about information that we deem important. Voting is an issue we in ASWNMU believe to be